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Welcome to Product Plus, the podcast where we engage in in-depth conversations with industry leaders to unlock the secrets of successful product management.

EPISODE 003: Priya & Alex

”Job hunting is about QUALITY REPS”

This episode is hosted by Ben Burne and features guests Priya Vase and Alex Robertson from The Onset, a leader in tech and product recruitment.

Priya's journey from consulting to recruitment

With a rich background in consulting, Priya transitioned into executive recruitment, bringing fresh perspectives on talent acquisition and the significance of cultural fit in tech organisations.

Alex's shift from sports psychology to product recruitment

Alex shares his unique path from sports psychology to product recruitment, highlighting the crucial role of understanding people in both fields.

Insights into the job hunting for PRODUCT people

The episode delves into the challenges and evolution in product management, exploring how job search strategies and decision-making differ between various career stages. It emphasises the importance of self-awareness and personal branding in navigating the competitive tech industry.

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